Basic Character Creation Rules

Normal character creation for Vampire assumes you’re a fledgling Vampire, who may have made a few connections and has a bit of a foundation for him/herself.

Not today.

For the initial creation of your character, you’re building a mortal who has just been turned for the sake of the experiment.

This means when purchasing merits, the only Vampire merits you can by are

  • Haven (Based off places your character owned, not necessarily your character’s home)
  • Good Breeding
  • Bad Breeding
  • Doll Face

When you buy your disciplines, your character only has basic ideas on how they work. To activate them for the first time under stress, you must spend a willpower point (Which does not benefit the activation roll) If the discipline requires you to spend a willpower point, you have to wait an action before using it

XP-Based Character Generation for World of Darkness

The XP values here are derived from the equivalent value of the highest XP allotment of dots at character generation. Unused XP from each category is saved and may later be spent in conjunction with XP earned during the game to increase the relevant category (or may be totalled and spent freely, at Storyteller discretion).

70 XP for primary Attributes.
(•••• 45 + ••• 25)
55 XP for secondary Attributes.
(•••• 45 + •• 10)
45 XP for tertiary Attributes.
(•••• 45)

78 XP for primary Skills.
(•••• 30 + •••• 30 + ••• 18)
48 XP for secondary Skills.
(•••• 30 + ••• 18)
30 XP for tertiary Skills.
(•••• 30)

9 XP for 3 Skill Specialities.
(Flat cost of 3*3)

42 XP for Merits

25 XP to increase Favoured Attribute.
(Attribute •••••)
30 XP, at least 10 XP of which must be spent on Clan Disciplines.
(Clan Discipline ••• 30)

Any XP left over goes to a pool in the end to spend on whatever you want. XP can only be considered leftover if there is absolutely no way to spend it

Special thanks to Etherwind from The Something Awful Forums for making a more fair character creation system

Basic Character Creation Rules

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